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A Nootka Man by Edward Curtis

A Nootka Man. It is commonly believed that the facial hair of many North Coast natives is proof of intermingled Caucasian blood; but that such is not the case is conclusively proved by the statement of Captain Cook, who in 1778 observed that "some of them, and particularly the old men, have not only considerable beards all over the chin, but whiskers and mustachios."

This is a Vintage Print of a Photograph by Edward Curtis taken in 1915. The photograph first appeared in Volume 11 (Portfolio 11, Plate No. 390) of The North American Indian published by Edward Curtis.

This Vintage Print is from the 1950s and is a page from a collection of Edward Curtis photographs (1868 - 1952). Overall condition is good. There is very slight discoloration in the white border due to age.

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